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                    Sichuan Ludao Electrical Equipment Co,.Ltd. is a modernazational enterprise which works on the multiform meter's exploration, production and distribution. Our company was established in 1999.It is situated on the beautiful beach of Yangtze River. There are convenient transportations no matter by water, land or air. Without question, we can provide products to customers in time. We have ample funds, normative management, high-class staffs with up and active spirits in innovation and with respects in their careers. Producing first-class products, promoting the innovation in science and technology, having a scientific management, supplying zero-distance services and, looking sincerity as the essential purpose of administration is our final striving goal, and also the on-going motivation without exhaustibility.
                    What products and services we provide to customers are listed below: SC3/SC5 series Volt and Ammeter; SC4-PAA PAV, SC4-PDA PDV and Process Comparator; SC4-(P)DS(I); FC4,FC5 and FC7 series Frequency Tacho and Velocity Meters; TC49, TC7 series Counter, Mesurement and Timer; SC4-WI and SC4-PFseries Meters; PW99 Series Multi-function Coulometer; SC816 series Meter; MX series Digital PID Controller; Multi-function, such as PL and PC On-off; etc.. We supply excellent services and fixing consulations after sale to meet customer's needs. Our products can be adopted widely in different kinds of industries, e.g. steel, petrol, power, machine, glass, china, plastic, medicine, wine, tobacco, textile, and so on.
                    We always see customers as god, quality and service as our lives. We can not be the least bit negligent on quality, pursue precision skill and, provide services without distance all the time. Consequently, we won lots of new and old customers' trusts and acceptances, widely praised in coteries at the same time.
                  In order to improve product and management, the personnel work hard and serious. Finally, we got the certification of ISO9001: 2000 International Quality Management System. At the same time, we combined ourselves' practical experiences to improve and to develop our undertaking unceasingly. Because of these, we set a solid foundation in quality guarantee and customer's interests.
                  Obviously, Sichuan is our foothold, meanwhile we face to the whole nation, and manage to open up domestic and international markets actively.
                  We hope to set up a reciprocal relationship between customers and natural material suppliers. Meanwhile, we welcome all aristocracies in this industry and any one with consentaneous views to join us to create a more glorious future together.
                  Copyright 2002-2003      Sichuan Ludao Electrical Equipment Co,.Ltd. Tel:0830-2573101 2573102 Fax:0830-2573102
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